diary of a tired bl*ck woman

  1. acid, tears, and mateship

    2023-03-18 07:11:00 UTC
    Absolutely Golden!  A weekend full of just that, what more could you possibly ask for? As the weekend commenced, I expected thumping sounds of bass that would inevitably play all weekend long. Head-pounding, heart-racing, sweat-inducing music, but instead was invited by a hum of eager voices setting up their camping…

  2. Cheer Up, My Brother

    2023-02-24 12:56:00 UTC
    I thought I had everything coming towards me. I’d just left my retail job in the outer suburbs of Los Angeles, booked a one way flight to Auckland, New Zealand, packed one singular backpack, and eventually boarded a flight that I knew would change the whole trajectory of my life.…

  3. I Spent Valentine’s Day with My Ex-

    2021-02-24 03:39:38 UTC
    Because.  Because of Dan Andrews. Because I blame COVID-19. Because I’m wildly lost and found. Because toxicity feels far too familiar and  because being alone feels uncomfortable & unfamiliar. Because the heart always wants what the heart shouldn’t have. Because on the modern Day of Love, shouldn’t that emotion feel…

  4. The Roaring 20s

    2020-07-18 03:56:00 UTC
    It’s Young M.I.A. coming at you! 25 and so…so confused…ooouuu 🥴 I feel like I threw away the instruction manual to life and decided to wing it because of the societal pressures to maintain the image of being a strong black woman who can conquer anything in the world when…

  5. Why my first month in New Zealand was nothing I wanted it to be… & that’s OK.

    2020-03-04 01:00:00 UTC
    Just like that, we were Thelma and Louise setting off to freedom. But instead of taking a wild flight from the law, we took a leap of unknown faith to escape the universal plight of muddled certainty, burdensome instability, and uncanny behavior from an individual who calls himself a man.…

  6. yaar

    2020-02-20 19:42:00 UTC
    out of all the yaars, I’ve encountered, you have been kindest to me and saw me for me.. yaar - hindi word for ‘dude,’ used to refer to acquaintances casually Where’s the party yaar?  Whats up yaar? - Urban Dictionary, the most reliable source known to man I speak to…

  7. to my first love

    2020-01-31 03:27:00 UTC
    “you don’t get to hate [New York City] unless you love [New York City]” Float like a pigeon, sting like the words from the man down the street: “move out of the f*c*ing way!” to nyc, my first love. & just when I thought I could never love you again,…

  8. Dear Sallie Mae…

    2020-01-14 07:35:00 UTC
    *spirals* Dear Sallie Mae,  My heart flutters every time you call. Your voice makes the hairs on my neck rise… just like the interest rates on all my current student loans. “I get those goosebumps every time, yeahYou come around, yeah” It’s one week until my birthday; you remembered to

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