Welcome to the party, glad you finally made it!

Before we continue on just note, this is all merely a bunch of words briefly describing who I am compiled onto one page. Just like you, I'm nuanced and have many layers to me, and find my personality seeps into my modeling, photographs, and writing.

I dedicate all of this to the two wonderful human beings that raised me which means, I put my entire heart and soul into everything I produce and hope others can find inspiration in what I do.

Interested in knowing more? There's only way to find out!

"Who are you...

I'm a photographic artist, writer, model, actor, and student of life from the greater New York City area currently based in Melbourne, Australia keen to take any opportunity to travel!

I'd consider it a blessing if I'm able to capture what this beautiful globe and its' inhabitants have to offer through visual entertainment for the rest of my life.

When I'm not taking photos, I'm in front of the camera either modeling or acting. In my spare spare time, I'm either finding inspiration to defeat writers-block, feeding my unhealthy habit of watching people, or having a mean boogie...sometimes all at once.

& what are 

you doing?"

Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be here for a good and, hopefully, a long time..

My work focuses on capturing sincere, authentic moments in time. Whether it's portraiture, lifestyle imagery, or just the perfect lighting, I take any opportunity to capture anything that makes me feel real, raw, genuine emotion.

The Afro-Experience, Black Escapism/Escapism, and the humor reality presents aid in coping and documenting this crazy little thing called life. I sometimes share my personal encounters with the general public, have a look: diary of a tired bl*k woman

I'm frequently experimenting with black & white photography, vivid and warm presets, traditional angles & point of views, and on the rare yet fun occasion, unorthodox lighting. In discovering the world of film photography, I'm curious to see how manipulating that medium could bring about deeper inspiration!


I'm a friend-seeker wildly passionate about shared experiences, human interaction, and slow mornings. I frequently take any opportunity to capture these moments via writing or photography. Perhaps we could do all this together?

Let's grab a beverage!

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